Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Resume/ CV/ Biodata

Usually  we confuse a Resume with a Biodata or CV. There is a big difference between all the three terms. Though all three are meant to showcase your abilities and your qualification, and due to lack of knowledge all the three terms are being used interchangeably but here is huge difference between the three.

The very basic difference between the three is that

1. A resume is written when one has certain amount of experience in professional life and a lot of references to give.

2. A CV on the other hand will be given typically by a fresher whose professional experience is almost zero and the only reference s/he can give is that of professors who taught him/her

3. A Bio-data will contain more of personal information than professional.this document is usually circulated for marriage purpose.
Things like caste, permanent address, skin color, ht etc will be typically included in a Bio data.

International firms tend to favour the CV over resume because they generally want to know as much information as they can before having people travel for an interview or even having to find out the hard way whether somebody is well or ill suited to living abroad.

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