Wednesday, 8 July 2015


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"you should not feed this to your kid, do not use this product on your kid, hold him like this, do this and don't do this, once you are a mother, everyone starts to give you their unwanted suggestions and advises. They will react as if they know better than a mother. But I have denied to accept all these free advises. to bring up my daughter I relied more on books, blogs, expert advises and internet. From there, I have realize natural products are the best things for my darling daughter. Using products having chemicals or not natural can harm my little ones skin. After much research and exploring the data and the facts, the few things which I find best for my baby are:

Massaging: Massaging is the best treatment that can be given to an infant. It  not only nutures a bond of love and care between the mother and the child but also make him more active. During the initial stage of this growth his body requires many nutrients from inside as well as outside. Since he is new to the world, his body is more prone to  the germs, diseases and other infections.Massaging nourishes the skin deeper and better.  Daily massaging makes him gain weight, aid development of vital organs and the brain. 

 Olive oil: Another essential nutrient for a growing child is Olive Oil. It is one of the most crucial product which is require for the proper growth of a child. It improves their health, strength the bones and thus help them in growing stronger and active.It can be used all year without having any side effect to the kid. It promotes bones and muscle health and promotes brain development.

Almond Oil: Since ages it has been known that almonds are the best for the development of the brain. they are rich in Vitamins and hence helps in brain development. Almond oil is good for every skin type. It improves complexion and enhances the growth. It relives the rashes , nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and soft.

The richness of all these items is found in dabur baby Massage oil. It is a nourishment pack with the natural goodness of Olive & almond oil. This latest addition in the Dabur family comes with a purpose of developing your baby with richness of these oils that aids in faster bone development and muscle formation. It is away from harmful ingredient like paraffin and artificial colors keeping it safe for the child.

Motherhood is a big responsibility. It is truly said that a mother can only be one who started loving someone else more than herself, who endures pain to bring a new life in this world. That's why a mother is placed next to the God. Therefore, being a mother I think this my responsibility to provide the best to my dd. That's why I trust Dabur, which is years old reputed brand.