Thursday, 9 July 2015

advantages/ disadvantages of being a job consultant

I do not know why people think that job consultant do have all kind of job related to all kinds of profile and that too for all kinds of candidates. I am into this profession since last 7 or 8 years. I am doing this because love to talk to people and help them and me in a way.

Everyone when get to know that I am a job consultant or the one who help people in getting jobs, their respect for me increases many folds. But simultaneously their expectations also increases. They want or suggest my number to any of their near or dear ones, assuring them that I would be great help as they know me.

Also, candidates think being a consultant means I do not have any personal life. I am available 24*7 for their help. As soon as they get to know about any job opening from my side they can call me, even if it is 12:30 in the night. Being a girl many search for their prospective girl friend in me or many try to comment on my whatsapp as if they know me since ages.

I love my job but at times the candidates make it worse for me. They are unable to understand that I also get tired. Irrelevant calls, messages, or expectations make it tough task for me.

Important Advice: you will yourself get a call or message if the consultant has job relevant to you.