Thursday, 9 July 2015

first time

Remember the first time you tried anything??

There is a charm to try many things for the first time.I remember when I was a teenager I wanted to try many things for the first time but the family pressure or you say " sanskaar" always stopped me. Still the boundation never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. Or should I say, they persuaded me more for trying them. Drinking, smoking, going to disco, to find out how Bar look from inside and many such things which are otherwise banned or supposed to be a degraded job, always attracted me towards them.

We were six friends and mostly all were ike me. Out of us two were, who act as experienced one or somehow know something more than us. So we always took shelter of them for any such deeds. Still remeber the first time, I tried breezer (Its a flavored drink with minimal amount of alcohol). The bar manager denied to serve us, just to be on preventive side but than suggested us to give some good tip to the waiter and he will serve it. The breezer which otherwise costs nothing, he charged five times from us.

Though I did not felt any kind of change like swindling of mind or something but still to make sure that no one at home get this hint so eat lots of Elaychi and also drink black coffee. Such a fun it was.

After marriage, I tried almost all drinks but never had that kind of fun. As I was not banned from using them or was not scared to be found out by the parents or someone. Now started hating them as well. They no more attracts me. Trying anything for first time is an experience which cant be defined in words.