Friday, 17 July 2015

Please mind your language

Language plays a vital role in searching job to getting job. Being a job consultant, I mainly evaluate on the basis of his use of words and the technique of speaking. As mostly, the first impression of any candidate that I get is from the telephone calls only. With this I do not mean that you should be speaking fluent English or English with a ascent but prefer a decency while speaking to someone. The few important points that should be kept in mind while speaking for Job:

1. Whosoever you are talking to should be addressed properly, Means either use the greetings like Sir/ Mam or if you are calling them by their names than it should be properly pronounced. f somehow you are not sure about their name than try to skip it instead of taking any wrong name.

2. Use the language you are comfortable with. Its not necessary that you should be speaking only English. Hindi is our mother tongue and you should not ashamed to use it if you can use it more easily than English.

3. Avoid using slang or being more friendly. It is always said that keep professionalism separate from personal thing. Even if you know that person personally than also while talking about jobs your wprds should be limited and professional. 

4. If you find the person not taking any interest in listening to what you are saying than its better to cutt off your story.

Important Advice: Be polite, concise and clear