Thursday, 9 July 2015

Honey Diet

They are the mere creative stories written for the contest, nothing is related to my or anyone's real life

Life is full of ups and downs. With emotions and others, the weight of every girl also faces this problem. Yeah I mean to say the increase and decrease in the weight. It is the most problematic thing for any teenage girl. If you are a girl, than there is no need to tell you what importance a slim figure hold in your life. You love to look fab, wants to dress great or wear any latest designer clothes than obviously you need to be in shape and having good figure.

What the hell girls do not try for having a good figure. Let me give you my example. Since childhood I was always a very chubby kid. Classmates to neighbor, everyone used to tease me for my weight. Finally I started bothering about it and decide to lose it. I joined gym, went for morning, evening walks, used stairs instead of escalators, skipping,  running and to be precise, I tried almost everything which I can do. I also tried crash dieting but instead of losing weight I started losing glow from my skin. The hormonal changes, pimples, delayed periods and many such problems become my closest and best friends.

With summers came the time when I love to enjoy my favorite smoothies, shakes and ice creams. With winters those stuffed paranthas and pakoras make their way to increase my belly size. Though it is said and
I too believe the same that summers are the best for losing weight. But soon I realized that losing weight does not mean that you have to be inny pinny thinny or look like a sick person.

I surfed through thousands of websites and read many books, articles on the issue of losing weight without losing the charm of the face. Dabur honey ( is the product which is being recommended by most of the makeup and beauty bloggers. As per them if you want to get in good figure and want to lose weight than intake of Dabur Honey ( with warm water can be a savior. Dabur honey is the 100% real honey whose daily dose can attunes your mind, body and soul to a healthier lifestyle option.

The daily intake of Dabur Honey can help you in managing the weight. Dabur Honey is also healthier substitute to the sugar which is rich in Vitamins and minerals and having lesser calories. It has natural sugar and carbohydrates which is easily digestible by the body and is also supposed to be healthier substitute for sugar.

The benefits of Dabur honey is not that ends here. It also helps in curing cough and cold. It aids in digestion and also provides a beautiful skin. A face pack with Dabur honey is more beneficial to skin than any other item. Overall the daily intake of Dabur honey is very beneficial to our body. It helps in fulfilling or balancing the nutritional compromises of a crash diet. 

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