Sunday, 26 July 2015

interview tips

Face to face interview is the main selection criteria for any of the position. Here are few tips that should be keep in mind while facing any interview:

1. Always carry your latest CV or bio data- May be you have already forwarded your CV or that has been selected still prefer to carry a copy of it. It not only complete the look but also gives an insight how perfect/ eagerly looking for a job change.

2. Be confident: It does not mean that you have to look super confident or over confidence. Even at times I lack confidence but a level of confidence should be maintained.. It should not look like you are facing an interview which is not up to your level.

3. Sit straight- make sure while giving an interview you are sitting straight

4. Start with greetings- No matter in how much hurry you or the interviewer is, always greet the interviewer.

5. Hand movements- few hand movements are ok but don't over do them. Pointing a finger is seriously no.

6. Be on time: Punctuality always counts. those who are not punctual are not serious about their work. If somehow you are getting late than inform the interviewer or the consultant and also apologies for it.

7. Formal Dress code: try to be in formals or semi formals. Don't try out informal clothes for the interview.

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