Saturday, 1 August 2015

Being a consultant is not an easy job.

Now a days, if you are doing something to help people than many will try to misuse that help as well.

Well, being a job consultant, we have to put our name and number on various job portals. This give rise to uninvited messages and calls and that too mostly at nights. I have developed a loafer sense to tackle this kindda people. I will tell you few instances that happened with me. At times they have become ridiculous and at times humorous as well.

one day, I was getting continuous good morning and good night messages from a unknown number. I never bother about this kindda messages until and unless they start irritating me. Slowly the frequency of messages started increasing. Every now and than I use to get forwarded messages. That also not bothered me as my phone has lots of memory capacity and moreover these forwarded messages are useful as well. :P

But one night around 2:00PM i got a LOVe you message followed with "goodnyt jaan" and few hearts. This behaviour irritated me. Than again in the morning I got the same message, just it was saying "good morning jaan". 

This increased my level of anger and infuriated me to the most. I quickly find out the name of that candidate from my job portals. The two mobile numbers were given there. I thought of trying the other number(as one was the number from which I was getting messages). A lady from some remote area of Gujarat picked up my call. I told her that your son Jeetendra is messaging me and I am a married lady.. ask him not to message me or otherwise I will file a complain against him.

the lady: tu ruk tu ruk..mai abhi jeetendra ko bulati hu..(she than shouts- hea jeetendra ek chori keh rahi hai ki tu use message kar raha hai.. le baat kar). The guy comes and pick up the phone.

He was not talking to me but I could hear the shouting and Jeetendra being abused by her mother.. I wish I could see his beatings as well. After shouting for few minutes..haan kar diye message to?? bola na galti hogai..bola na..

and than suddenly phone becomes not reachable. I tried to reach both the numbers but both were not reachable. 

I think that Aunty has broke both the phones :P.