Thursday, 20 August 2015


Now a days there will be hardly anyone who is without a smartphone. In last two or three years only mobile phones have been replaced by the smartphones. With the help of smartphones you are not only connected to your family, friends but world at large. Facebook, linkedIN, candy crush, musical applications, applications to pay bills online and many such other applications have not only made the life easy but also saves alot of time which otherwise spent in doing these stuffs.

Through Smartphones you can download applications, videos, can surf internet and connect to people and can perform many other functions. But what is necessary and make your smart phone really smart is the internet speed at which you can perform all these activities. Without a good internet speed, you can not really think of anything and downloading is something impossible.

My two years old daughter is not going to school but still she knows all the rhymes, alphabets and others things which may be unknown to kids of her age. Thanks to internet and the videos that I have downloaded which help her in studies as well getting updated. But downloading videos with even 3G speed is something which is tiring and can give you fixes. For a video of very small duration, I had to wait for hours and hours. Don't ask me if it is a movie download; have to wait for whole night. How many times I have prayed for a high speed internet but failed to get one.

But now thankfully those torturous days are now gone. Airtel  has come up with 4G network services. Airtel network is one of the best network all over India. it is well known for its superb customer services. Airtel has now become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services. They are not only providing the same data benefits as 3G pack and also the freedom to enjoy super fast 4G speed at no extra cost. It means you can fully enjoy the best speed internet without worrying about the cost or any extra cost that will incur to you. Also, Airtel has challenged, other network users, according to which they will pay my bills for life if any other network will be faster than theirs.

Airtel has started its 4G network roll out across 296 cities of India. It means you can surf your internet at 4G speed from anywhere in India. Also getting a Airtel 4G sim is just a tweet away. Not only Airtel  is providing free Airtel 4G sim but also sending them at home for free. If you are looking for Airtel 4G sim than you do not have to worry about getting it. You can easily avail it by just tweeting from your account- #GetAirtel4G.

So why to be late and suffer because of bad internet speed, opt for Airtel4G and get associated with the fastest internet speed ever.

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