Thursday, 20 August 2015

Its not Easy to be a Job consultant

If you are a job consultant, you come across variety of people. Recently, a very weird thing happended to me..Let me share with you.

I was calling the candidates for some technical positions. As usual was going through the CVS and calling the candidates. After one hour when I was through with finding the relevant candidates, I got missed calls from a number. I thought some candidate may be calling me , so called him back. To my shock a lady spoke from other side and asking me who I am. I told her that I am a job consultant and asked the reason for which she is calling me.

She then asked me why I am calling his husband.?? I told her very clearly that its not her husband who I ma calling but was calling up the candidates for the job openings, and may be his husband would be one of them. Then she again asked me a idiotic question, how come I know her and her husband., so far being fed up of giving the reasons, I told her not to act as a stupid lady. I do not know her husband and was only calling him, if I would have that would be job opening.

The lady got more infuriated and shouted at me saying I should not dare to call her husband. I felt so irritated and wanted to scold her but she hang up the phone.

I couldnot understand why and how theses over possessive females let their husband do any kind of jobs.?