Sunday, 2 August 2015

Funny incident in a consultant's life

I am a job consultant, Once I was calling up the heads of the companies for the business development and contacted President of one the MNC through Sms.

I never have the habbit of saving the numbers of the contacted person untill & unless I wont get any business from them. This is also because my nokia phone memory had very limited and moreover many times I forget by which name I have saved the numbers.

So I have given him the SMS about my company's interest for providing manpower to their organisation And forgot.

After half an hour, I got an SMS from an unknown number asking me to call him. I really got very angry thinking that any of my candidate is asking me to call him. In frustration I called him and started shouting that how dare you to ask me to call you. Its you who needs a job not me. You should have called me instead of asking me for the same. The person on other side hadnt uttered a word. After sometime he said I am Mr. XYZ. I was blank for few minutes as he is the same one whom I was SMSing. The President of the same MNC whom I messaged few minutes before and completely forget.

I waited for sometime and than msged him apologising for my behaviour and telling him why I have behaved so.

See its not easy to be consultant. Also friends I want to know what would you people have done if you were in my place..??

Post your answers in comment box please..