Monday, 3 August 2015

types of candidates

so far I have come across many job seekers and tried to categorize them in few below mentioned points.

Authoritative candidates- When they will call you , you get a feeling as if talking to your boss. Instead of requesting or asking they will order you.

over confident candidates- they will call the consultant for the job and ask the consultant to save his/ her number for  future refference of any job.

shy candidates- Either there mom, girlfriends or any other relative will call on their behalf. He may be educated and looking for job but would be very shy to call the consultant.

confused candidates- They will call you and ask you about any job openings..On being asked to be specific they will show their helplessness and keep on repeating their things only.

super fast candidates-These candidates are in really hurry..They will call you, inform that they have forwarded their CV and disconnect the phone. They will hardly bother to find out what is the result or tell their names even.

over active/ friendly candidates- They will all you and react as if they know you since childhood. They try to be frank and thus at times become irritating as well.