Tuesday, 11 August 2015

It's unbeatable- #Airtel4G

Now a day's everyone is having the Smartphone. A Smartphone is useful only when you have good speed internet otherwise there is no use of having a Smartphone. Only through a good internet speed you can be able to download the apps, play your favorite games, be active on social media and can share your selfies, pics and status with your friend.

Yesterday, it was my daughter's birthday. Somehow my mom could not attend it due to some urgent work. Therefore she asked me to share the pics of each and every moment, she had missed. There were around 55 pics and you won't believe it took me more than 2 hours to send them. I got so tired and irritated with my network. And poor old lady keeps on waiting to see her grand child's birthday pics. Then one of my friend suggested me to upgrade the mobile network to Airtel, as it has come up with the 4G speed.

She also told me that Airtel is upgrading the network to 4G at free of cost. They are not only providing the same data benefits as 3G pack and also the freedom to enjoy super fast 4G speed at no extra cost. She also told me about the Airtel challenge, according to which they will pay my bills for life if any other network will be faster than theirs.

She also informed me about #Airtel4GspeedTest is a first of kind direct twitter response campaign wherein, users tweet to Airtel in the given format- @airtelIndia  #Airtel4GspeedTest to find out how much time will a particular app take to download on 4G vs 3G vs 2G. +airtel India instantly responds with a twitpic infographics simply depicting how much time a particular app will take to download on each of the network.

Though, after hearing this there was no confusion in my mind about Airtel and its 4G network but than also I thought of trying and testing it by myself. I was really surprised to see the result and within no time applied for a Airtel 4G sim. Here is the screen shots of few of twitpic infographics. I hope you all will also try this and soon switch on to Airtel 4G network.

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