Friday, 20 November 2015


I am a big foodie. My husband calls me "Chatori". A chatori is someone who loves to eat street food. If given a chance/ option I will prefer to eat Chhole Batura in breakfast, pav bhaji and aloo tikki as lunch and samosa and vada pav in dinner.

                                              I can have it in breakfast, lunch and dinner

My love for street food is there in me since childhood. During the early days of my childhood, we used to live at Old Delhi. Old Delhi is well known and a famous hub of  the foodies. You cant resist yourself from eating street food,once you are there. Even most of the lanes there are famous by the names of food items like sitaram bazaar ke chhole bature, Parathe wali gali, Patashe wali gali and others.

Of all the street foods, Golgappes are my all time favorite. I can eat them anytime and on any occasion. They are the reason to celebrate and make me smile. If I am feeling low, I love to have Golgappes, and if I am happy Golgappes are must to celebrate. Hungry or over eaten, I can have them anytime.

My reaction after I get to eat street food

Golgappes are basically originated in South Bihar, which was formerly known as the Magadh Region. It is one of the most favorite snack popular in northern India. There are different variants and names of it. Panipuri, phuchka, gup chup, pakodi are few of its names. It can be eaten either as chat with curd or chutney or with tasty water. Kids like to have them with aloo and masala only. Where as those love spicy food can have it with green chilies or spices. No celebration, party or function is complete without it. They are the first and the foremost thing available in every celebration.

                                                         My favorite street food.

My husband is very much aware about this love of mine. But he is hardly inclined to get me those street foods. Seeing my passion for street food he has to get it for me. But he does not allow me to eat them more than once in a week. Other days of the week, my Chatori tatse buds do longed for it but am helpless.

Then I came to know about FoodPanda through twitter. Though initially I was scared to order online but when I saw lip smacking discounts and my favorite restaurants listed on its website, I could not stop myself from ordering. Ordering the food from Foodpanda is quite very simple. You have to search your location, than have to choose the preferred restaurant from the list.

                                    FoodPanda delivers my favorite food at my doorstep only.

FoodPanda is one of the largest food ordering website.It connects people with the best restaurants around them. It has the widest reach in India, offering its services in more than 100 cities. Ordering with foodpanda is too easy and quick.

So, now if you are street food lover like me and if you longed for them everyday, then you can install foodpanda app on your smartphone and can order them anytime.

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