Saturday, 28 November 2015

deconstructed gulab jamun n rabri

My husband loves anything to everything that is sweet. Now he is accompanied by my three year old daughter. Being a dotting mother, I always remain worried about their health. Eating a lot of sweets invites number of health related problem. Neither I want to compromise with their taste buds nor with their health, that's why I started using Sugar free Natura which is sweetener without sugar.

 Sugar Free

Recently, I tried making deconstructed gulab jamun using Sugar free which is being liked by everyone..Here is the recipe.

                                                             my innovative recipe


for Rabri

Milk -1cup
Milk powder -2tablespoon
Sugar free Natura -5
Cardomnon -2
Almonds grated
Bread slice -1
                                                                  Ingredients for Rabri

for Sugar Syrup

Sugar free Natura
Cardomnon powder

                                                     Ingredients for Sugar Syrup

for Gulab Jamun

Bread slice -4
Milk powder -1 tablespoon
Milk -1/4 cup

                                                           Ingredients for Gulab Jamun

For Garnishing
Grated Almonds
Grated Walnuts
Cardomnon seeds


For Rabri

Start heating milk in a pan
Add bread slice, milk powder
Cook for 10 minutes
Add Sugar free Natura
Add cardomnon powder
Cook for 5 more minutes
Now keep it aside for cooling.

                                                                     Pan with Milk

                                                                   Milk Powder

                                                 Grinded Bread slice, Milk powder and Milk

                                                         Cardamon in heated milk 

                                                                     Sugar free in Rabri

For Sugar Syrup
Boil water, Sugar free, cardamon powder
Cook for 10 minutes
Make one tar syrup

For Gulab Jamun
In a bowl add bread slices, milk powder and one tea spoon  of milk.
Mash them firmly.
Slowly add water and make dough
Dough should not be too hard not too soft.
Make flat balls
Cook them on tawa till they become brown

make balls of dough

                                                                    fry flat balls on pan

Now pour Sugar syrup on Gulab Jamun.

                                                             gulab jamun in sugar syrup


In shot glasses first add walnut powder and almond powder
Now pour Rabri in it.
Put Gulab Jamun on it
Again put Rabri
Sprinkle almond powder
Garnish with cardomnon

Serve it either hot or cold.