Friday, 22 January 2016

How to make your blog's impact

Today, we will discuss how to make an impactful blog.  Now days, blogging is one of the famous online job and its lucrative as well from the earning point of view.  I am sure till now you would have created your own Blog (Please read my post how to create a blog??). If yes, than please do share the link of your blog in the comments section given below. Now since you are also a Blogger, the next and the most important thing is to make your blog famous. Until and unless there is no fan following, blog serves no purpose. I hope you are writing a blog not a diary, so there is nothing so personal which can’t be shared.

There are various ways with which you can make your blog famous:

Contests & Giveaways

Arranging contests and giveaway is fastest and best means to get traffic on your blog. There is no single one who won’t like to get prized. Blogger in tewrms of traffic and the readers in terms of gifts. You can create any kind of contest solely or in association of any partner company. Contests drive heavy traffic immediately and that too without much effort.

Daily updates
Once you have created a blog, you require to be active on it. Try to update it daily or regular intervals. The more you update it, the more it will get connected to the people. Try to write at least a blog post a day. Your frequency to update determines your blog popularity and the traffic.

 Connected & Relevant posts

I have emphasized on this point before also. Be specific in terms of your topic of the blog. Your blog posts should be interconnected which will keep the readers engaged. the more relevant your posts are, the more and more people will recommend it. For example if you are a food blogger, your posts should be about dish, information about edible items and other related topics. Writing a cosmetic product review can hamper your blog’s image.

Interaction  with Readers

Readers, are one of the most important factor determining success of any blog. Thus there involvement is super necessary. Make a habit of replying the comments of your readers. Be polite and friendly while replying to their comments. Dont forget to share your posts or updates on social networking sites. the more you share it, the more people will get to know about it 

Please note that the more famous your blog is, the more visitors per day and more the chances of earning from it. So, try the above ways to make your blog famous and if anyhow I haven't mentioned any of the important way please do write.

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