Sunday, 24 January 2016

impact of child abuse.

Anida is a sweet little girl who loves to play with friends. She always has a lot of stuff to share. She starts with her school, friends, birthday parties, dance classes, picnics and keep on telling without taking a pause. She is very cheerful, favorite of neighbors, teachers and friends.

 I first met her at my daughter's third birthday party. She is her classmate. Both of her parents are working and earning well. They have to travel most of the time, leaving Anida and her old grandmother alone at home. Anida lives in society flats having all the amenities of  posh areas. The first I met her , she was dressed in pink and dancing and participating in all games that we have arranged for kids fun. But this time, a year later she doesn't look the same. May be she has grown older but she is only four years. She gets scared as I touched her from behind. She remained silent all the time. She seems lost in her own thoughts and scared.

Her mom who has escorted her to my Tomato's birthday party was trying to make everything normal for her but all her efforts seems fecund. Anyone can tell by seeing her that she is not well but what has happened to her. She seems to be healthy but mentally not present. She has dark circles big enough to cover her half of the face. I could not stop myself and asked her mother that what has happened to her. Is she not well. She doesn't look like what I met a year before.

At first her mother was reluctant to reply but as I our eyes met, I saw her watery eyes. I put my hand on her shoulder and hugged her.Ii do not know I did so but  that makes her busted into tears. I took her to my room, give her glass of water to drink and asked her to relax. What she told me was beyond my imagination. I too was crying and filled with anger. She told me that one of her neighbor's father in law was sexually abusing Anida since long time. She used to go to her home for playing. She is too small t guess what is happening to her and we never thought that man can be up to this.

We believed them like our family only but they have become the reason for ruining our family. Its then I have left my job escorting her to everywhere, trying to console her and make her believe that not everyone is bad like him.

I can see the anger and the frustration in her eyes but worst has happened to Anida. I do not know how she would be able to face the world. She is just four years and whole of her life has been ruined. Shame on such Man!!

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