Friday, 29 January 2016

impact of an email id

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How many of us take our Email Id seriously?? I think hardly 5 out of 10 bothers about it. If you have made a good CV but if you have some nonsense email id then also chances are great that you will never get a call for the job. Many times we ignore it, thinking as something irrelevant but let me tell you your email id matters a lot while searching for a job. many times I came across the email id as "paputhebablu", sexyhero and many such ids which are not only hilarious but gives an insight about the character of the candidates. I never choose CVs having absurd email ids. 

Obviously creating an email id is of personal choice but you should create a decent ID for your professional work. Recently one of my client has rejected a candidate saying his email id is "sumitthemillionaire". As per her who is initially think himself a millionaire will never be able to adjust with our company. The physiology of the candidate is quite obvious from his email id. His mentality is to become millionaire and often such candidates can cause harm to the company. 

Tips to be kept in mind while creating an professional email id:

1. it should not be very long. Obviously with a lengthy ID chances are more that you will make mistakes or others wrongly spell it or type it. Also communicating them also become a problem at time.

2. nonsense, absurd words should not be a part of it. Your nick name like chhotu, golu, nonu, bholu should not be a part of you email id. Lovely, cute, sexy, such adjectives should also be prevented. 

3. keep it simple. As I told you earlier, lengthy, complicated words email ids are often confusing. Keep them short and simple.

4. If your name is too long try out with abbreviations like for abhishek agarwal, it can be abhi agg, but not the nick names. 

5. try to use words like connect, contact in your email id. I am not saying that you should have all this words but if you are unable to make a good email id than they are the preferred words.

6. personal id has to be different from professional one. You should not keep only one id. The benefit will be that you will easily be able to track your mails and they won't get hide from your view. And off course email ids are free to create.

It does not mean you can not be creative with your email ids. My purpose is to put emphasis on use of relevant words rather than  just using anything.

Important advice: keep your Email id -concise, precise and relevant

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