Friday, 29 January 2016


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I am bit short tempered and at times I am over confident too. Being a Delhi girl who resides in East Delhi, studied in North and south Delhi and worked in West Delhi, I am always confident about Delhi roads. I know my ill traits but still can't able to escape them. Whereas my husband is total opposite to me. He is very simple and has lots of patience. With two kids, home, job and other tasks at times or I say most of the time make me irritated.

It was my brother's marriage and I was very excited. Dressed in y best, wanted to dance and enjoy it fully. We were going to the venue. At last moment my little champ pooped and I had to stayed back for cleaning him. Amit and my eldest Bua also stayed back so that they can accompany me but this was more than enough to make me irritated. I started shouting on Amit but he stayed calm and stopped talking to me. Over egoistic me also stopped talking to him as everything is done by him only.

In a great hurry, I cleaned my son and locked the doors and sit in the car. My Bua who was super excited for her nephew's marriage also joined us. As usual when she asked me how far is the venue and how much time it will take, I replied hardly fifteen minutes as I know the shortcut. But I was totally wrong, the shortcut I knew was closed due to construction of road and the other route that we have taken was a wrong one. Instead of IP we reached to CP. My Bua was continuously asking me that how much more time it will take.

Amit who was not talking to me stayed quiet and tried to hide his smiling face. Though irritated but I begged him not to tell Bua that we have taken wrong way and it is still very far. Finally after one hour we reached the menu. All were waiting for us to come. I apologized to Amit for my behavior and also thanked him that he saved me from shame. He laughed and said that he already knew the location and that am going wrong.

Our relationship is beyond words. We are more like friends. We share every stupid things and laugh together. This laughter is what keeping the spark alive in our relationship. Still we love each other like the day first. Thanks to God for giving me a best friend on whom I can rely.

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