Friday, 29 January 2016

impact of a Maid's silence

They are the mere creative stories written for the contest, nothing is related to my or anyone's real life

Yes, you are reading it very right, my story title is Maid's runway. If you are living in any Big town than having a good maid is like "Gift of God". Let me describe you the definition of good maid:

  1. who charges you reasonable
  2. you come almost 25 days in a month
  3. who don't shows any tantrums if you have guests or extra work at home
  4. who cleans perfectly as if you clean your home once a week.
  5. speaks less, demands less and works more..
Yeah, most of you would have start evaluating your maids with the above criteria and I bet hardly 1 out of 200 can fit all the above criteria. Please do let me know if your do get fit into it. Than your are Blessed!!!!

So, again after being absent for two days, today there is no sign of my maid. I was feeling helpless. I don't know how the ladies in older time used to work for so many hours. If you ask me after an hour of work like cleaning and all , I need two hours of rest/ sleep/pampering :P. And if somehow anyone tries to ask me anything during that time period I become Durga. I can work rigorously in gym but working at home makes me feel dizzy. 

After waiting for her for almost two hours I decided to start doing the chores. I started with cleaning of dishes. Oh my God!! seriously there was a heavy pile of dishes. Somehow I managed to wash them away. Now comes the real work, doing "jharu and poocha"..My thighs, my legs, my shoulders all start cramping simultaneously. I hold the broom and was going to start that suddenly she appeared. Though, there was a ultimate happiness which I can never describe in words, but than also I don't know what has happened to me and I stared. "Is this the time that you are coming. you should have informed us at least. Last month only you took more than 5 leaves and again as new month started, you started with new leaves. I won't tolerate this." I kept on saying without noticing the consequences which I know very well.

Somehow, she listened to me for 5-10 mins, may be because of her silence I kept on saying and then it was her turn. "Didi, you only behave like this. no one says a word if i am late or anything. I know many who took 10-10 days leaves and still no one says a word." The broom that she took from me was continuously moving as it is showed in some Ramsay brother's movie. And i think that was broom effect that I was all cool and she was bursting like anything. I decided to remain calm. She completed her work and went away without saying a word.

My heart was sinking, it was not usual her. What will happen if she will not return?? May be I have over said everything or why the hell I have reacted at all. After last time which was four months before only when our maid ran away we find another one with many difficulty and almost after 3 months. I should have controlled my anger. "Why the hell I got angry.?" Now everyone will blame me especially my MIL and husband. They will get a golden chance to point out my mistakes and angry nature. I was too scared, remembering all Gods,  trying to bribe them with 11rs Prasad if she returns like singham returns :P. 

Those two hours of her waiting were killing me. I couldnot concentrate on anything. It felt as if i should cry hard and should curse myself for doing this. I decided will give her clothes and sweets if she return back. "standing in balcony, and I was continuously staring at the vacant road..There was no traces of any human spices. It was the month of May and the temperature was not less than 40 degree. If someone ask me to stand or go somewhere at 12:30 noon obviously I'll too detest that idea."

But I have to as I was waiting for my maid. The heat made me tired, so finally laid down on sofa. I was so sad and couldnot think of anything else except her. Suddenly I heard her voice coming from ground floor. I got so pacified. There was a big smile on my face. A childish or kiddish smile..The way tomato laugh after she do some mischief.

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