Friday, 29 January 2016

Impact of you

The situation was becoming inevitable day by day. I could stand it no longer. I was feeling like a toy. After 10 years of marriage he told me that he do not love me anymore. I have nothing in my life whom I can say mine. I left mine home, parents, and career just for him and his children. His children looks like him, behave like him and rely on him for every small thing. I am no one. As per him they can manage without me and may be the best management. I am no longer updated, stylish and intelligent.

I still remember, when we met 11 years before. We both were at a popular eatery waiting for friends. I was reading a novel and sipping some hot coffee, wile he was on the opposite table, eating and listening to music. We started talking and before we knew it we were neck deep in love.

Soon we were married and I used to worship him. I left my studies as my in laws were against it. Even my love for paintings become secondary after I got him. But today he want to get separate. According to him, he deserve someone better than me. He did not realize at all how easily he has separated me from his life. I want to ask him a million questions but could not as it was my worst feared nightmare and I wanted it to get over.

My love for him was more like a obsession towards him. I didn't know he started hating me for my craziness only. He didn't want me to worship him. He desired me to be stylish, keep myself updated and jovial. The idea of giving my life, interests for the kids and him does not impress him. Like all things, love all comes with an expiration date. love dies with the time. My husband fell out of love for me and simultaneously in love with another woman. I know the love was long gone but still he was with me. After this disclosure that he loved another woman who is after all more better than me.  All I can do is just sit and cry. I was waiting fr the strength to avenge him for ruining my life and for this loss.

My love story does not have a happy ending but it enabled me to understand the need of self. I have devoted the precious ears of my life for my family but when I need them, I am no more wanted as I do not suffice their requirements. I am not happy but now am not sad as well. I know I have that capabilities of leading my life alone, may not be with efficiency but one day would be able to do justice to myself.

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