Monday, 15 February 2016


 “I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for the #IAmCapable activity atBlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

 "Nothing comes easy".

I learnt driving during my school days only as my father did not want me to be dependent on anyone for commuting. But my uncle was against it. As per him, girls are not supposed to study higher and driving is something meant for boys only. According to him girls who drive are like free bird and are mostly become self-reliant. Though my father never felt the same but due to continuous interventions of my uncle, he finally gives up. After this I learnt driving but that stealthily.

One day, there was no one at home except me and my uncle. They have to go marriage of my bua's son. My uncle could not go due to severe cold and his pain in chest. Though I was reluctant to stay with my uncle but had to because of my board exams.

As usual my uncle kept blabbering about the behavior of a female, their responsibilities and duties towards family. He told me that woman are meant to support their counterparts but by just managing their home. They should not compare themselves with males. I was too irritated by his words but could not do anything. I was angry but as told by my father I decided to be silent.

At night I was studying in my room when I heard some sounds from kitchen. At first I ignored them but they were continuous. I went there to watch what is happening. I saw my uncle lying on the floor, and gasping for breath. I got scared. I went near to him. He was wet and sweating. With the help of Ramesh kaka (our domestic help), I managed him to the car. He got fainted due to severe pain. I could not decide anything and went straight to the nearby hospital. Doctor informed me that it was a minor heart attack. Also my uncle is saved due to my quickness in bringing him to the hospital.

Soon after I informed my family about the incident. Only after one hour, room was filed with family members. Uncle was out of danger and was now feeling better. He called me and hugged me. Though he said nothing but I could feel his tears and a sense of proud in his eyes. He patted me on back and told my father that "She is more than a son". Since that day he has stopped taunting my father for pampering a girl child. I have proved that #IAmcapableFor what any male can do and made everyone proud.

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