Saturday, 27 February 2016


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

We live in a society which is rapidly moving towards modernity and development. Now there is hardly any difference between males and the females. Females are walking parallel with their counterparts and also heading them in various fields. Whether education, working at office or managing home, male are supporting females and also helping them in ease their household chores.

Hi, I am a smart Indian modern woman. I am working as a job consultant, managing home and also bringing my two small kids. My husband equally shares and supports my daily chores. He is the one who understands the need of his help in managing all the work. Few months before, I delivered a healthy baby. I was asked by my gynae not to do any household chore which involves hard work, at least for four weeks. Since was on complete rest, I couldn't do laundry. Then came the real problem, that who will wash laundry. It is not easy to get a maid for a month and to get the job done. Not only they ask for double the amount but also takes long long leaves which was not at all possible for our family having two small kids and five adults.

My hubby who was initially ready to wash the clothes but then stopped my Mother in law saying, washing laundry is not a men's task. She was not at all happy with the idea that his son is going to wash the clothes. She gave many examples of men who supports their wives but are not washing clothes. She also tried to pass on her prejudice to his son with all kinds of possible theorems where washing clothes is done only by the women of the house.

But somehow my husband who loves me all above prejudices and others, decided to take laundry washing. He told my MIL that washing clothes may not hamper this masculinity but serves the purpose and help me. He explained her that washing clothes is not only a women's job. It is a task which can be easy if done by both. We are partner in everything and every sphere of life then why not in washing clothes. He cannot feed the small kid or cannot be able to cook in kitchen but can help his family by washing clothes. Finally he managed to get my mother's in law agreement on sharing the load, that it has been made easy by Ariel.

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