Thursday, 4 February 2016

impact of mother's food on infant

Being a mother is the toughest job in this world. Since the time you get pregnant, you have to leave your favorite food, clothes, places and interests. A mother has to give up all her enjoyments for the best of their child.

I am also a mother of two kids. My little one is just three months and I swear they were the hardest three months that I had. Sleepless nights, followed with insomnia, irritated but yet have to keep the patience and waiting aimlessly, such were the last 90 days. Initially I could not get the point why my LO is crying so much. Whenever he sued to cry, my mother in law asked me to feed her but still of no use. He kept on crying.

He used too little which us quite impossible for a little boy like him. Either he used to be crying or sleeping but hardly saw him plying or enjoying his outside womb growth. I was near about to get mad. All the things done to make him happy were going waste. I was clueless about his crying. Then my mother suggested me, may be the problem is in his stomach. As per her, the main reason for his crying can be stomach ache. My mom told me that my food ahs an impact on my kid and he is not able to digest my breastfeed, that's why crying.

At first, I felt reluctant to hear her "compoundgiri" but yet decided to try her home remedy as there was no other options available. I was damn tired of these sleepless nights and slowly loosing my charm and glow. My mom told me few things which are easily available at home and can ease him as well. The remedy my mom told me are as follows:

1. take a spoon ajwain seeds and boil them in half glass of water. Boil them for about 5 minutes and drain it. Mix about two spoon of ajwain water in his milk and few sugar.

2. Rub hing on his stomach when  ever he cries continuously and that too abnormally.

3. Give him few drops of honey so that he can easily pass stool everyday.

4. Message his stomach clockwise with castor oil and google out some exercise for the infants so that he can be at ease.

At first i was little bit apprehensive about all these tips but when forced me into this I could not say anything except trying them. My all doubts got cleared when after three months my LO had a peaceful sleep and so do we. I was on cloud nine and my life got back to the normal. Now I have made it a habit to do all these remedies daily.

Now whenever you will see my LO either he is playing or sleeping peacefully. Thanks to Mom, she has saved me from getting mad. :)

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