Monday, 29 February 2016


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

She is my little angel,
small & beautiful
obedient & smart
She is learning what she sees 
and does what I set as an example
she is my little angel,
my pride & honor..

Last Saturday, my husband was sitting in the garden where our daughter and few other of her friends were playing with kitchen set. Girls were acting either as the mother or the daughter whereas boys were father and the sons. Girls were starting the game by awaking early and preparing the breakfasts. Boys get ready and headed for their offices and school. My daughter, who was playing the role of mother, prepared the breakfast , lunch and accompanied the boy (acting as her husband) to the office.

In the evening both of them come back. The lady of the house with the grocery and the man of the house with kids from creche. My husband stopped reading his newspaper andstarted looking at kids' play. Our three year old girl, immediately after returning,  started cooking, washing laundry while the boy (acting as men of the house) switch on the TV and relaxed. While watching Cricket T20, he asked her to wash his white shirt as tomorrow is his very important presentation. Initially happy but then shockingly, he was watching all these. The girl without saying anything came out with his white shirt. Then started the other boy that his school dress has been ruined due to dirt outside and asked her to wash it as well. Without uttering a word she came out with his school dress. Though tired but than also she was washing laundry as if it is her sole responsibility.

Our girl who is just three years old, was no doubt behaving like a obedient girl. But why?? My husband who was watching all these child play got very tensed that his small girl has been burdened with work. He who don't let his daughter to do any household chores is somehow taking washing laundry as her duty.

Since that day, he decided not to burden me with washing laundry. My husband has started helping me in washing laundry. As per him he don't want to set a wrong example to his daughter. May he cannot cook like a chef  but yes can certainly help me with other household chores like washing laundry.  His daughter is no less than any boy and should feel the same way. Washing laundry is not only a woman's task but due to the society's prejudice laundry is supposed to be only a woman job. Even her kids take this thing for granted. It's sad that this prejudiced has been passed on from one generation to another.

It is high time when we should stop setting wrong examples to our kids. The initiative taken by Ariel to #sharetheload, should be duly pampered and followed by us all. With the help of Ariel, sharing the load is also easy as it removes,dirt, germs from clothes with ease and that too without affecting the clothes' quality.