Thursday, 3 March 2016


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Looking at INR10 framed note on the wall, one of my friend ask me the reason for this. He has come for the first time and was quite amazed on seeing a note instead of photo on my wall. I could not hide my smile and told him that it is my first salary. He stared at me and I know its the time to tell him the story behind this framed note.

I was only 6 years, when I earned my salary. We used to live in a joint family. My parents, grandmother, uncle and my brother used to live in a small house. Once Mom and other family members has to go for a party near to our house. Only me and Amma (my grandmother), left at home. I could not go because of my school and Amma hardly like going to loud parties.

We both were at home and busy in our tasks. Amma with her newspaper and I was busy in watching TV. Before going Mumma asked me to take care of Amma and call her , in case there is any urgency. So like a good grandchild I was making sure about Amma's comfort. Somehow Mumma got late and she called me to tell due to some reasons they wont be able to reach home before midnight. She was worried about Amma, her dinner and medicines.

Later in evening, I could sense Amma's restlessness, due to hunger. Without thinking anything anything, I went to the kitchen and cook Pulav for Amma. I served her hot steamy rice with her favorite chutney. She was super happy and blesses me a lot. She said I am her favorite grandchild and she loves me the most. We talked for another hour and then went to sleep.

In the morning I heard mom voice asking me to get ready for the school. Amma was non stopping praising me and blessing me. Then my grandmother handed me this note of Rs10 as a reward for taking good care of her. I was so happy and always used to keep this note in my pocket. Later , after Amma got expired, I asked Papa to get this note framed as an token of appreciation and memory from Amma.

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