Friday, 1 April 2016

how to do smart job search

After having a good resume, the next thing is approaching the right employer.  Job has to be of your interest otherwise you will always search for another options.  I saw many time candidates opt for a job that they are less proficient in or just when there are less options but do mind this thing that can hamper your further job search and the CV.

There are few ways through which you can approach the right employers which will enable the right job search.

Uploading the Resume.
The first and the most important thing is uploading your resume on job portals. Now days there are many job portals.,, and are few among the topmost. Also, many job consultancies have their own websites.

Points to remember:

  • Never make two /three profiles uploading resume of different job profiles. All your resumes will appear in side of the resume search under similar resumes.

  • Make sure all the keywords are properly being used. Supposedly, if you want to apply for the post of marketing than your resume should have keywords like BD, business development, marketing, client interaction and others.

  • If you are eagerly looking for job than, should actively update your resume every day. It’s not that you have to make changes in your resume, just upload it again so that it appears on the first page of the job search.

  • Your Resume should be in proper format so that can be downloaded easily. Email id, contact details, job responsibilities, and current job status n educational qualification should be properly mentioned. 

  • Many candidates do not mention their salary or the company name; it is advisable to fill all the details, blank spaces are not permitted. Salary is the main criteria for the selection of candidates. Less or over salaried people are hardly preferred. 

  • Please don’t apply to ever job. Only the relevant jobs should be applied. Many times candidates are not aware about the job profile and then also apply for them. By doing this they are only wasting their and the recruiter's time.

Calling the recruiter

If the contact details are given than try to speak to the recruiter and clear you doubt. Also try to leave an impression on recruiter's mind by giving a synopsis of your job profile and how it is most suitable to the job posted.

Follow up

A proper follow up with the recruiter is very much required. It will prove your interest in the job and also how urgently you are looking for a job change.

Please note all the points mentioned above are based on my personal experiences. maybe they vary from person to person but I tried my best to mention all the important points under the specified category.