Monday, 2 May 2016

My view about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

For me life is too busy. Two kids, work and home keep me so much busy that I hardly get time for news, politics and other such stuff. When two years before Arvind kejriwal, made his party, I was too impressed with him. Nearly all news channel, social media and social gathering was flooded about his talks. Even tried to get membership of his AAP party. His nomination as CM and coming by metro gave me a insight that India's future is bright. I used to think that may be now getting admission in school won't be that tiresome, electricity bills will be less, infrastructure development will higher.

But in few days the scenario became different. First ever highly educated CM resigned from his post and in few months, we find him begging people to again appoint as their CM. He requested people to have believe on him, and this time he said he wont disappoint anyone. Since we are Indians, whether you believe it or not we are emotional fools. Though many times we are being taught about "Insaan ki shaksiyat change ho sakti hai fitrat nahi" but still we believed him. He, another time became Chief Minister of India.

Months after months, party became famous not because of their good deeds but because of some wife-husband scandals, curing of age old cough, chappal incidents, causing a scene of stampede, and others. I could not find anything done which was promised and continuously mentioned on various social medias.

For me Mr. Kejriwal is like a God, whom we know exists somewhere, keep our faith, being told again and again that they will surely help us, promoted through various agencies but still unavailable. But our God does not charge anything from us, he does not play with our faith, he is same for everyone. Since he doesnt exist in real , so there is nothing monetary related to him.

Mr. Kejriwal has made fool of us, and now he is instead of doing something fruitful, only keeps on bragging about what he have done. Radio channels, news channels, entertainment channels, social medias, hoardings, newspaper are seamlessly filled with his bragging about his job and work he has done for his own country. Not only this, to publicize him he keeps on making nonsense comments on various social medias making fun of others. Recent example:

But thanks to Indians who stopped being used by this kind of people..Love few of their replies to his taunts.

loved to read Tjinder's and others reply to his sarcastic remarks. You can also enjoy them here.

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